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A Forest Garden blog began in 2013 as a way to share information with friends and neighbors facing many of the same gardening challenges we face, in similar circumstances.

In the beginning, a great deal of information about deer resistant plants, ways to keep deer away from the garden, and strategies to keep voles from eating said plants from the roots up found its way onto these pages.

Since then, Woodland Gnome continued to document the turning of the seasons in photographs, and to share bits of poetry, book reviews, essays on gardening topics, favorite quotations from other authors, and the occasional recipe with the loyal and patient followers of Forest Garden.  But the original Forest Garden site has outgrown the allowed size for photos, and so as we welcome 2021 the time has come to launch a new, fresh site:  Our Forest Garden.

Woodland Gnome is a “dirty hands gardener.”  In a former lifetime, the Gnome also taught middle school students for nearly 30 years.  Combining a love of literature and learning with the compulsion to plant things and watch them grow results in an odd mix of subject matter on this blog.  When not writing, gardening, taking photographs, or visiting with friends, The Gnome may be found mucking about in the kitchen or editing the day’s photos.

In 2018 Woodland Gnome finally joined the local Master Gardener community here in Williamsburg-James City County, and went on to qualify as a Tree Steward in 2020.

Since the summer of 2018, Woodland Gnome has also been a dedicated volunteer and stake-holder at the Williamsburg Botanical Garden. The WBG is a wonderful laboratory for learning about plants and how they grow together and for an ever deepening appreciation of our indigenous native plants here in James City County.

In 2019 Woodland Gnome joined the JCC-W MGA Speaker’s Bureau and began offering programs to community groups. 

In an effort to make the original information posted to A Forest Garden more accessible to followers of this site, an effort will be made to create directories of links to the most popular and useful posts.  This may take some time to complete, so please feel free to use the ‘Search’ feature on A Forest Garden to find what you need.

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