These posts about Begonias, one of my very favorite plants, have been some of the most popular posts to A Forest Garden over the past seven years. I hope you enjoy the ‘eye candy’ of these beautiful plants, and perhaps pick up a new idea or two for using them. WG

Begonias Begonias June 2013, updated January 2021

Begonias: The Ultimate Houseplant June 2015

Winter Houseguests: Begonias February 2017

Hardy Begonias: a “Pass-Along” Plant August 2013

Angel Wing Begonia (Blossom XXVI) June 2017, updated 2021

Mystery Begonia June 2015

B. ‘Sophia’ Blooms! (Fabulous Friday) July 2017

Bountiful Begonias June 2015

Camping Out Indoors February 2019

The Blessings of Shade July 2014